Holidays at Illuminaté

Christmas and the holiday season is a special time at Illuminaté Restorante. Long-time customers will know why. It’s the warm tones of the dining room and the welcoming staff coupled with the fact that the Tuscan-themed cuisine created by Chef Roland rises to the festive nature of the holidays. Enjoy one of your favourite dishes or explore a daily special when you visit. Usher in your new year with seasonal splendor and enjoy the latest drink recipes created by our new mixologist. Hot drinks or our signature cocktails might be the perfect way to celebrate! Illuminaté Restorante’s party rooms are particularly suited for twinkly gatherings of friends and family. Book a private party room for your medium to large party of 8 to 24 and enjoy some festive cheer together. Give us a call or reserve online.

Enjoy Tuscan Italian Pizza

Illuminaté Restorante is serving Tuscan-style pizza boasting Chef Roland’s penchant for West Coast ingredients and a little extra flair and even do pizza takeout. Pick-up your pizzas on the way home for a grateful spouse and a deserved evening of relaxation.

We have four fresh and modern takes on the Italian classic. Try the Illuminaté Margharita, the Salmone, the Bolognese and the Pollo Aioli.

  • The Pollo Aioli – a creation of thin crust, brushed with olive oil and garlic, with oyster, shitake and portobellini mushrooms and roasted organic chicken, ultimately topped with Santa Lucia mozzarella.
  • The Illuminaté Margherita – traditional Italian-style pizza believed to be named after the beloved Italian Queen Margherita, who favoured this pizza for its tricolours that matched the Italian flag: red, white and green.
  • The Salmone – the ultimate West Coast pizza experience exclusive to the Illuminate Restoranté, featuring fresh, local and sustainable ingredients: smoked sockeye salmon, pesto aioli, onions, capers and crème fraiche.
  • The Bolognese (Ball-oh-nayz) – offers the subtle flavour explosion of traditional Bolognese sauce made specially in-house, with caramelized onions and grilled artichokes.

Whole, real ingredients are the key to our pizza’s taste and form. With special Italian flour – non-gmo, double “O” and organic – every pizza here has the right foundation for its special combination of toppings. Tuscan-style pizza is a thin crust pizza, allowing the connoisseur to appreciate the fresh toppings as well as a crisp crust and chewy middle.

Chef Roland’s Tuscan Italian pizza is baked alongside a menu of traditional and contemporary favourites. Visit and indulge; taste the difference quality makes at Illuminaté Restorante.