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About Our Artist – Janice McLean


Janice McLean

Janice McLean was born in the small town of Trail, B.C. A one-year residence in Holland at the age of 18 would quickly alter her course in life towards the arts. Upon her return to Canada, McLean continued with stained glass, sandblasting, and the occasional sale of her paintings.

The art sales climbed for the following 5 years until McLean returned to Europe to study at Accademia d’Arte, Florence to learn the ancient techniques of fresco and egg tempera. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance Masters Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Sandro Botticelli, her  artwork began to display a new depth of maturity.

Janice’s art moves away from high realism towards images that capture the essence of the subject by using textures, atmospheric colour, and lighting that interplays with the light across the canvas. Rich with gold, ochre, sepia, umber and sienna her art achieves an elegance, power, delicacy and intensity in both colour and image.

Illuminaté Restorante is thrilled to have Janice’s paintings gracing our walls.


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